Finding the Impossible Dress

I am going to be a bridesmaid for the first time, at the age of 25! I couldn’t be more excited, especially since the wedding will be in Mexico, in only five and a half weeks. Whilst this all sounds very thrilling, I’ve encountered a number of difficulties.

The bride lives in the USA- which means it’s hard to talk about things with her, trying to plan a hen do (bachelorette) in Mexico whilst being in London- virtually impossible… and then there’s the dress. The elusive dress, my cousin has given me the guidelines of grecian, cobalt blue and not too thick as it will be hot. With those guidelines, I set about looking up dresses in store and getting some inspiration images to make a moodboard.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 14.30.04.png

Cobalt blue is a very seasonal colour, if it’s not the colour of the season, you won’t find it in any stores whether they be high street or high end. Throw in the grecian aspect which is also down to trends and I’m screwed, I considered dying one but I couldn’t even find a white one. I’ve been told it can’t be long as the wedding is on the beach and that it shouldn’t have sleeves. Don’t get me started on shoes, after working for a shoe designer, I have quite the collection, that I cannot wear, so now I’m looking for shoes too!

After searching for nearly a year and going on pinterest every single day , I have given up. I have accepted my fate, I will have to make it… pressure. My five week countdown is on, if you have any suggestions to help please let me know. I will keep you updated and show you the final piece.

Wish Me Luck!



Following Your Heart

Hello, my name is Row and…

I am a self confessed people pleaser, doing things because I feel like I have to or because I owe something.

By Definition a People Pleaser is one of the nicest and most helpful people you know. They never say “no.” You can always count on them for a favor. In fact, they spend a great deal of time doing things for other people.

Yes, it is good to be nice and I wouldn’t want to change that but the older I’m getting the more I realise that it is incredibly easy to not be doing what you want to be and easy to be walked over.


Fashion- the industry that thousands and thousands of people want to crack and be successful in. Everyone wants to work for the it brand, wear the dreamiest clothes, have the social life of the elite, but ultimately you have to begin at the bottom. I finished uni and was working in retail management desperately applying for a Fashion Production role. I genuinely thought about pursuing retail management because no one replied, not even a ‘no’ email. I’m sure lots of you have experienced this feeling!

Then it happened, I got an interview at my dream, dream, dream company. I expected the worst, swallowed by my internal doubt but then I got the call that I’d got the job and whilst very junior, I was, and am still incredibly grateful for the experience.

Fast forward 1 year and 8 months, I have left and am at another one of my favourite companies.  I wanted more for myself, I didn’t feel like I should be that junior, I hated the hours, I had an injury that needed some repair time and I was tired of trying to prove myself all the time. This is why I bring up the people pleaser state of mind, I almost convinced myself that I couldn’t do any better and that if I worked myself silly it would somehow get rewarded. Don’t get me wrong I loved my job, learnt so much and wouldn’t change it for the world but I feel like I’d learnt all I was going to learn and their was no room for progression, but still stayed longer than I probably should have… to be a people pleaser.

It is definitely an industry of who you know, and people will reappear in your life often. Treat people how you would want to be treated, work hard always even through your notice and it will get noticed, giving you the power to leave on good terms and with amazing people in your life.

Ultimately, I am trying to let you know that you should listen to what your heart is telling you occasionally and not do what everyone expects you to do. I loved it there but felt like I wanted to move on and do something a little different, trust your instincts, it may not always work out but you have to try!

I just wanted to get this out there, as I wish someone had said it to me at some point this past year.